Every home game requires two umpires to officiate the match. With up to five games every week, the club is always in need of volunteers. This page lists the umpires at the club and information on how to become an umpire. The club would like to thank all our umpires for their services year on year.



The club is on the lookout for new umpires. We have several umpires registered but not everyone is available each week. For this reason we are encouraging both members and non-members to apply for any of the day-long umpiring courses offered by England Hockey.

Umpiring is a great way to be involved in hockey; enjoy the game of hockey from another angle. For every game you umpire you will be paid £10. But if you're not in it for the money, then maybe for the chance to card your friend (please note the club does not approve of biased umpiring, however your friend may do something stupid one match so there is a chance you will card him/her).

All umpiring training is provided by England Hockey. As a new or inexperienced umpire, you should complete the Level 1 Umpire Award course. This will give you an excellent introduction to umpiring hockey and will equip you with many of the skills and confidence to do so effectively. If you are interested in taking a course then please let the club know by filling out the form below. If enough people register an interest then a course can be arranged at the club. If not, then you can attend one of the other local courses provided by England Hockey. For the complete list click here.

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